Wednesday, August 24, 2005

39 Years Old (Really!), and Going Back to School.

Salutations, true believers!

Yeah, it’s just me again, starting yet another blog. Why did I start a new blog? It’s not like I don’t have a couple of others to deal with, already.

Well, after nearly ten years of NOT being in college, I’m going back. I thought it would cool to chronicle what it’s like for a fat, 39 year old male with a receding hairline, and married with children, to go back to classes with a bunch of idiots younger than me.

Let me give you a bit of a back story on this. I’ve got a B.Mus. degree in Composition (with an emphasis in electronic music technology) from the University of Utah. After deciding that a life as a musician wasn’t going to cut it (at least not and take care of my family), I’ve decided to go back to another of my many loves, medicine.

When I first went to college (over 15 years ago) I was a human biology major. I wanted to be a chiropractor. After failing miserably (I just wasn’t ready for school, and the University of Utah is a research school, not a teaching one), I took a hiatus for a couple of years, and then went to Salt Lake Community College to get my generals done. I finished an A.S. in General Studies, and then went back to the “U” to pursue my music degree. By that time I had gotten married and Her Loveliness and I started a family.

After that I took several forks in the road that eventually led me to a good job with good pay, a layoff when the economy went bust, and now a mediocre job with crappy pay.

My experience getting laid off has really changed my feelings about employment. Gone are the days of “get a good job and stick with the company for a few years and you’ll be fine.” I don’t think it’s worked that way for a while now.

Anyway, in order to pursue my insane desire for financial independence and a good life for my family, I’m going back to school, and back to the path I first started ten years ago. I’m getting some hard sciences classes out of the way in preparation for applying to chiropractic school.

Today is my first day back! Stay tuned, and I’ll let you know how it all turns out.

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