Monday, July 30, 2007

How I Fell in Love with Danica McKellar

I came across this by way of WWdN: In Exile, Will Wheaton's wonderful blog. Danica McKellar, who starred in "The Wonder Years" as 'Winnie,' has just written a book called 'Math Doesn't Suck.' (I've used Will's link here, so if you buy it from this link, he'll thank you.)

Danica wants to encourage girls to do math. She wants to show them that being smart is infinitely better than being stupid. What a wonderful break from the images and ideals mass media is throwing at us!

I may have to pick this up for my daughters. They already know that 'Dad' thinks math is cool, but is someone as smart and beautiful as Danica says it too, it may give them extra incentive.

Then again, maybe I'm not doing that bad. My oldest daughter brought her near failing grade in math up to an "A" by the end the last school year. Kudos to her!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Who's Got Your Back?

I found a really cool chiropractic blog the other day, Dr. Shiraki's Blog. He's a chiropractor out in Hawaii, and he's got a great site. It really got me excited about working to become a chiropractor again.

He seems like a really nice guy, too. He even emailed me over a couple of comments I left. I think I was a little too forthcoming with him in my replies, though. In retrospect, my responses to him probably sounded a little creepy.


In any case, one of his policies is absolutely inspired. He calls it the Honor Box. You really do need to check it out. He's even got his own theme song.

"Who's got your back ..."

Monday, July 16, 2007

Decisions - No Decisions

I feel like I've been in a blogging funk, lately. I'm not in school right now so, what's to blog about on a student blog? My whole life feels like that, actually.

Thinking about all this, I've discovered that what I'm really be doing is avoiding making decisions, and/or acting on them. So I offer you, gentle readers, the following:

Nine things that stop me from making decisions and acting:

1. I'm interested in way too many things to pick just one.
2. I've sacrificed enough to get started on many things, only to have my life get in the way and shut me down.
3. Fear of failure.
4. Fear of success.
5. Lack of money/resources.
6. Lack of motivation.
7. Being overwhelmed by everything else in my life.
8. Laziness.
9. I don't really want what I think I want, but I keep lying to myself that I do.

Take your pick.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Not Worth Reading

This post is not worth reading, so I won't bother writing it.

Feel free to comment.