Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The world (of chemistry) keeps turning

Chemistry has become the focus of my life, and the bane of my existence. Fortunately for me, my chemistry professor, Dr. G, has given us a way of upping our scores from the midterm. What we can do is go back through all the questions we missed, work out detailed calculations and explanations as to why the correct answer is the correct answer (this is all open book, now), and then get half credit for them.

Good news for me, except it’s due this Thursday. That’s the same day that my chemistry lab, and all its work, is due.

Here’s how the lab assignments work. The day we do the experiments, we turn in a pre-lab assignment. Pre-labs consists of a series of questions geared to letting the instructor know that we understand what’s going on with the lab we’re going to be doing, as well as a data sheet to collect and organize the data from the experiment on. After the experiment is over, we have the following week to work up a detailed report of the experiment, including all calculations needed to create the report and support our findings. We also do a post-lab assignment, much like the pre-lab in that it is a bunch of questions designed to test that we know what’s going on. On top of that, we’ve got to prepare the pre-lab for the following week.

Doing all this has been taking me way too much time. I’ve only got the lab report done from last week, and I’ve not even touched the chemistry “re-test.”

And it’s all due in two days.

Any guesses as to what my life revolves around this week?

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DragonOfShadow said...

Is this Gen Chem I or II? Sounds really tough, but very fair of Mr. G to give you an opportunity to improve your grade. And 2 whole days! That's a lot more time than you were given for the test, right? Good luck! :::shudders at the thought of getting Deutsch mid term next week::::

CC, email me? I can't locate your email addy. If you sent, then my new forwarding ate it before I fixed it Sat.