Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Decisions Decisions

I’ve pretty well decided to got ahead and retake my chemistry classes. It solves a lot of problems and . . . to get all freaky on you . . . it just feels right.

I can’t explain why, it just feels like the right thing to do. I know, I know. “John! You’re too much of a scientist to just go on your feelings!” Maybe, but I’m also a big believer in intuition and the divine. In this case, I’m just gonna go with my gut.

So I headed over to my school’s website to register for Chem 1200 this fall. Whoops! Did I pull a bone-headed maneuver! I had checked a book out of the college’s library last semester and didn’t bother to return it. In all the hub-bub about my gall-bladder and everything else, I forgot. Rats. Decision making leads to financial aide hold. Crap.

So, I’ve gotta get over to the library with the book and fork over some money so I can have the wonderful opportunity to spend even more money on tuition. These guys have got you coming and going in terms of paying fees and what not.

I wonder . . .  how can I get in on some of that action?


DragonOfShadow said...

I took chemistry I & II and struggled through them and went onto BioChem and Organic Chem. Somewhere along the line I got way too confident. Who takes Organic over 4-week intersession? And biochem, good gravy, you can't do biochem unless you can function in organic chem. So, what I'm saying is, Good Decision! A great decision if you have to go on and master additional chemistry. Or are you doing it for the grades? If you don't necessarily need an improved grade, have you considered auditing the courses to get a better understanding but without the pressure? It's hard to pay real money and not get anywhere, but sometimes it just has to be about the learning. Do classes start soon? I'm on second summer break until 9/18. Good luck with your choice.

John Newman said...

Indeed I do have to go on. I've got a year of organic chem waiting for me afte this. That's why I want to master this. Yeah, I want to get a good grade, but I really need to be able to understand this stuff as well. Classes start next week. I just hope I can get into a class. I've let this go far too long.

DragonOfShadow said...

A YEAR of Organic Chem!!! Oh my. Yeah, great choice doing Gen Chem round II. Just the thought of it makes my upcoming biostats seem a lot less daunting.

2,2,4,4 tetra-methyl 3 hexane - that's what I remember from organic. You will get to build models in Organic. :)