Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Good News, No Fast Enough

Well, it turns out that I’m going to be okay with my classes this last quarter. I contacted the grad schools that I’m planning on attending and, with only a couple of exceptions, they’re all okay with the classes I took this last semester, as long as I can get into the upper division ones from here on out. The head of the Chemistry department has given me permission to enroll in the science-major level courses, without retaking the first semester’s course, and so it looks like things are back on track.

The only problem is I didn’t do it fast enough. I was planning on taking Human Anatomy this semester but I waited too long to register, trying to deal with all this crap, and now I can’t get into a lab. They’re all full. No worries, though. I’m going to take the psychology course I need this semester, and then hit anatomy in the summer.

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