Thursday, December 08, 2005

Three Down, One to Go

I finished my chemistry final for this term today. I think it went pretty well. I know I learned a lot. I don’t know how physically ready I was for it, though. I stayed up until 3:00 AM this morning trying to figure out a couple of things about titration and calculating volumes of solutions in acid-base reactions. I just wasn’t getting the same numbers in my calculations that the book had. Trouble is, the book has been known to be wrong, so I had the added stress of not knowing whether I was wrong or not. It turns out I could have gotten more sleep. I didn’t have to answer anything about that on the test.

If only I’d known . . . zzzzzzz

*snork* . . . mumble . . . huh?

Oh! Sorry about that. Anyway, now it’s time to study my biology like crazy over the weekend for my final next Monday. Then I get a few weeks off before I start all over again in January. I don’t think I’ve looked forward to the Christmas holiday’s this much since I was a kid.

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