Monday, February 19, 2007

Doctor Hydroxide, Away!

I did pretty well on my first chemistry test this semester. B+. Not an "A," (as in anal retentive) but that's okay. Not the top score in the class, but well above the class average.

Anyway, Miss AR isn't in my class anymore so I don't have to deal with her.

We went over the test in class (why do I forget the stupid little things when I take tests, but remember the big weird things?), and had about 30 minutes left over. Nobody wanted to start the next section - kinetics. Cool and important subject, but in an icky sort of "holy crap I've got to do what?" kind of way.

I think we all must have had a long week. Even the prof (Dr. H) looked hammered, so we broke early. Frankly I was glad to get home a bit early. I needed the sleep. Still do.

It just occurred to me that my professor's initials are OH. Maybe I'll have to start calling him Doctor Hydroxide.

That's kind of cool. It sounds like he's a superhero or something. Doctor Hydroxide! Defender of Science!

Either it's really cool or I'm more tired than I think.

I'd bet on the "tired."

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