Monday, February 05, 2007

Goofing Off

I took a day off from work and school the other day. Well, a half day off work. My day job involves calling people up and helping them understand what to do when they build websites, and market them. I had enough cancellations that my late afternoon unexpectedly opened up. Rather than sit around work (although there were things I could have done, I have to admit), I took the rest of the day off. The plan was to go home for a while, enjoy my family, and then go back to my chemistry class that evening.

That was the plan. Really.

As with all "best laid plans of mice and men" it didn't work out that way. Instead of going to class, I ended up goofing off with my wife and kids until well past the time for me to leave for class. Now I've got a bunch of reading to catch up on before my next class.

So much for "the plan."

You know what? I don't feel guilty at all. In fact, I'm looking forward to the next time. I think I need to find more days to goof off. Goodness knows I don't have enough days that are earmarked for working, the paid kind and the home kind.

Still, it's an interesting idea for me to gauge my quality of life on the number of days I can afford to goof off.


Frannie said...

I think human efficiency is a modern construct which is highly over-valued. We need to goof off! Especially with loved ones or ourselves (as opposed to with our Wii or Desperate Housewives).

Thanks for putting a link to my blogs, by the way! I'm honoured and appreciative.

: ) ~Fran

John Newman said...

Fran, you are way too cool for words. I love your blogs, that why I linked them.

Okay everybody! Stop what you're doing and head on over to, (which I really should link to), and (which I do link to). Then you, too, can bask in the coolness that is Fran.

Go. Read. Be enlightened.


Frannie said...

Okay, you've got me giggling and blushing!! I'm doubly honoured and now triply appreciative of your kind words...

Go Kapha Go! : )