Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rice that Survives Floods

My friend Mark sent me to a news article about a new strain of rice that can survive flood waters. It was developed in the Philippines, but it was a group of scientists in Bangladesh that were singing its praises.

According to the article, about a fifth of Bangladesh disappears under flood waters every year, causing all kinds of havoc with their crops. This new strain of rice could be a god-send for them.

As Mark and I were talking, though, neither of us could help wondering why they would keep planting in fields that are destroyed by water every year.

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Anonymous said...

Weatherwise /geo-uninformed Reader:

They plant there because 72% of their entire country is about 1 to 3 yards above the local ocean. Also, they by far, are one of the poorest countries on our planet.

Read it.. Dig-it? but seek and yee shall find. Lord Bless Us ALL