Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Coming Back From Limbo

You may not have noticed it, but I’ve been in limbo. The only way you didn’t notice is if this is your first time at this blog. My life took several bizarre turns into unexpected terrain over the last few years. Some of the scenery was quite nice, but frankly, most of it was treacherous.

The bottom line to this odd rambling is that, after all this time, I’m back in school. I’m not looking at being a chiropractor, anymore. Instead, I’m pursuing a degree in music therapy.

Why the change? Good question. There’s no quick answer. I thought about a lot of things, and a lot of things happened to me. I have older children and building a new career, requiring so much more time away from them, seemed unfair. There was also the cost, fear of failure, and the fact that making music is an integral part of my being.

I’m a musician; a composer. I already have a degree in it. I have to make music. It’s as if a part of me dies every day I don’t make music in some way. Whether it’s sitting down and composing, playing the piano, or singing songs and playing the guitar, it doesn’t matter. I have to make music or I go insane. Trust me. It isn’t pretty.

I actually started classes this fall at the USU extension in Tooele. The plan is to take as many of the psychology and human development classes that I can, here. Next fall, we’ll move to Logan and finish the degree at the main campus. This will allow my oldest daughter to finish high school in Tooele and give us more time to sell our house. This works out for my wife, too. She’s already pursuing a degree in Family Life Studies at USU Tooele.

So life is in flux again. That’s okay, though. I don’t mind, this time. As many uncertainties as I’m facing with this move, at least I have a direction to move in. The journey continues.

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