Sunday, September 23, 2012

Special People

Now that I’m back in school, I’m facing a dilemma. The more I’m involved going back to school the less I want to be at my day job. This isn't much of a surprise. It’s not like my current job is joyfully fulfilling. In fact, it’s downright boring and frustrating.

I currently work for the state government. Every day I get to interact with a variety of, well, let’s just call them special people. Most of the people who come in are just honest folks with questions about how to get things done. The special people, however, are just plain stupid or mean. The worst are those who are both stupid and mean at the same time. It’s hard to blame many of them for being frustrated, though. The laws that our Utah legislators have passed, mostly to get people vote for them rather than serve the common good, are confusing, conflicting and in some cases downright stupid.

It seems that the special people have somehow gotten it into their skulls that I make up the laws by pulling them out of my ass. They don’t seem to realize that the laws are made by our very special Utah legislators. They blame me, instead, yelling, threaten litigation and question my parenthood over things I have no control of. I give them the information they need to solve their problems, but when they don’t like what they hear, they get hostile. Worse are those who think they already know the answer and argue with you. I often wonder why they call if they knew the answer in the first place.

Sometimes I wonder how the special people function in life, or why we allow them to breed, vote, and drive cars. Unless you are one of these people, it should have become obvious why my job satisfaction is waning.

More and more I’d rather take my time to work on my degree. I’d like more time to practice my musical skills and do something for money that relates more to my field. Then again, I’m not sure the lack of job satisfaction is because I’ve gone back to school. Instead, I suspect it’s one of the reasons I went back in the first place.

Does the fact that I’m frustrated over this make me one of the special people?

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