Friday, October 19, 2012

Overstressed, Underpaid

How many of you are feeling like you've got way too much stress, but not enough money? Yeah? Me too.

This has been a very difficult month for me. My Pontiac decided it was time to shuffle off to the Heavenly Racing Grounds. I can’t blame it, really. It had nearly 290,000 miles on it. I suppose it was just tired.

I can relate. I’m not sleeping well. It's a typical stress response for me. Fortunately, I'm learning all about "response patterns to threat" in my Human Development class. Now I know what it is and, according to G.I. Joe, knowing is half the battle. If I could just figure out how to deal with the other half, I'd be in good shape.

In any case, the amount it would cost to replace the engine is worth more than the car. I don't have the money in any case. What can I say? The old stereotype of the "starving student" seems to be playing out for me. Except for the starving part. We have some food storage laid aside that’s been helping keep me in the round shape I am currently in.

My other car, a Dodge van, has some problems with the front end that need to be repaired before it will pass the state safety inspection. This is a problem because I don't have the money for that, either. We need some form of transportation, given where we live so, we have to beg family members for help on this one, which also sucks.

What makes it doubly damning is that I will have to take time off work to get it fixed. Not because I have any ability to fix it myself, mind you. I just can't get to work without paying overpriced public transportation fees and taking an additional two hours out of my day riding on and/or waiting for the bus.

I really don't want to do that. That would make things suck, more.

All of this happens just in time for midterms. Ick.

On the plus side, I get to take a couple of days off work. I’ll be able to use it to catch up on my homework and maybe do a little composing. That does not suck.

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