Thursday, October 13, 2005

Affirming Meeting

I just got back from a meeting at BYU with Dr. Christopher Lepisto, ND. He was acting as a rep for Bastyr College, a college of natural medicine in Seattle. While the meeting was mostly what I expected, a Q & A session and presentation geared at recruiting students to Bastyr, it was also very informative.

The biggest part of it, though, was how it helped affirm the path that I’ve chosen, going back to school in pursuit of a medical career. Oddly enough, it helped me affirm my choice in doing Chiropractic first, and then pursuing an N.D. second. I’m not sure why, but it really did.

It really reminded me why I’m drawn to so-called “alternative” medicine, even though I’ve got a bit of a scientist lurking in my make-up. I firmly believe that our current medical system is broken. These poor MD’s are being asked to do too many things these days and, in too little time. To top it off, much of their continuing education is provided by pharmaceutical companies that have their own agendas. Medicare and Medicaid are broken, as is the medical insurance industry.

Something needs to be done that is more cost effective for patients; a medical model that helps people to improve and maintain their health, so they can reduce their chances of having to deal with major pathologies later on. I believe that a more holistic approach, one that integrates prevention with crisis management, is the answer.

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