Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Announcing the Fix John’s Teeth Fund and Contest

I've got crappy teeth.

I know. That was an insanely personal and embarrassing reveal but, I don't care. It's just the way it is. I've always had soft teeth. It doesn't look like it going to change much.

Unless I give up soda.

Which, believe it or not, I'm seriously entertaining. It turns out that stuff will kill you and I've been hooked on it for years.

Several years ago my dentist and I had created a plan to fix most of my teeth. Within a month I lost my job, my insurance, and my income.

So much for getting my teeth fixed.

Several years later (including a few years of putting it off so my wife and children could get their own dental work done) I've gotten my income level back to a point where I feel like I can get back to the dentist and get me teeth fixed.

Hooray for me.

The trouble is that, because it's been so many years, my teeth are that much worse. So I need more work. A lot more. Not quite half the price of a new car kinda work. It’s going to cost enough that I was actually teasing my dentist with the idea that I would get new teeth, and he would get a vacation to Disneyland.

Even though it's going to be expensive, I'm feeling okay about it. It’s a much more permanent solution than anything I’ve had done to my mouth before. I've wanted to get this done for quite some time, and I'm not going to let anything put me off of it this year.

It's kind of funny. My wife has been talking about a buying a few things like a new cell phone, or faster internet access, or cable TV ... you name it. See, we can probably afford it but, I don't want to do it. All it means is less money for me to spend on getting my teeth fixed.

Part of the problem, though, is that the dentist wants the money in advance. His office won't carry the bill, and I can't really blame them. The lab-work alone will cost a bunch.

So, I'm scrambling to get money to pay him. I've got enough to get started in savings, but not all of it.

To help offset the cost I’ve decided to do a bit of shameless begging. Yes, I’m that pathetic. I’ve set up a fund that I’m asking you to donate to. Please. Any amount you want. All of it will go to pay my dental bill and get me new teeth. You’ll see a donation button (courtesy of PayPal) over on the right of the page. Be sure to leave me a note with the donation so I know who to thank for my new biting ability. (See? I knew you guys were nice! Maybe there is hope in the world.)

Maybe I can hold a contest, or something. The person who donates the most will get ... oh, I don’t know. Something personal, like a signed original of some of my music, or some other such thing.

The nightmare ... erm ... adventure ... begins next week. Wish me luck.

Better yet, send me money.

(I feel so pathetic.)

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